Halong Bay

The minibus took us to Halong Bay.  Halong bay is an area off the north coast of Vietnam and is home to nearly 2000 limestone karst towers and it would seem almost the same number ot tourist boats!

We anchored up and had lunch on the boat and then headed for some caves in one of the towers.

The cave we went into was massive and consisted of 3 chambers each one larger than the last, strategically placed lighting showed some of the formations off to their best

After going around the caves we embarked on our small tender and headed for the boat to get changed and go kayaking  in the lagoon.   It was fun but unfortunately, with the wind and seas picking up did not last very long.  Back on the boat for down time and then lunch.  The food has been really good this whole tour but I am dreading getting back on the scales.  I have not done any exercise now since the last days biking, unless you count a few sightseeing walks! In the evening Jan showed us a short video he had compiled of the trip  and we did our usual itinary check for tomorrow.  Rise have breakfast sail to shore get on bus 3 hour drive to Hanoi and book into hotel.  Here we go again.


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