Ho’s  final resting place and the Military History Museum

All but three of us departed today I left the others waiting for thier transport to the airport and headed out for my final bout of sightseeing.  Having visited Mao in Beijing I thought it only fair that I should see Ho.  If anything the crowds were worse but the security was less strict although you still had to handover your bag at a security post.

Once more a noisy pushy crowd was reduced to silence although this time I think it may have been the steely eyes of the mass of soldiers that were on duty rather than any sense of reverence!  After the mausoleum I visited the Ho Chi Minh museum which told the story of his life and his leadership and his part in the reunification of Vietnam.  The Military History Museum did not open to 1:30 so I headed down to it and settled myself in a cafe with an iced coffee.

The Military History Museum concentrates on the modern conflicts Vietnam has been involved in although there is some floor space dedicated to earlier wars.  There is a massive diorama of Dien Bien Phu battle accompanied with a video which has some excellent archive footage from the Viet side.  The courtyard is littered with weaponry and mangled wreckage from a B52 shot down during the Christmas Bombing.

On my way back I decided to have a ride on a street taxi, moped, and bargained with a driver that approached me as I headed for the hotel.  Scary tiiiiiiiimes!  The things that happen when you dont have an action cam with you!  I got back to the hotel just in time to miss a storm that lasted almost all of the night!

I have reached the end of my holiday and tomorrow I leave Vietnam.


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