A week of ups and downs

Since my return it’s been a week of ups and downs in more way than one.  The first up and downs were mechanical-two flights and 14 hours to get me home.  Both flights on time and I even managed to grab some sleep.  I was met at the airport by Carol  and we had a very emotional reunion.  I had been away for a month and that was the longest we had been apart since we met.

I had never been that far east before and spent till wednesday getting over  jetlag and resetting my bodyclock.  On Tuesday morning I woke at 3am and after unpacking and clearing up set off on my bike to see if that would tire me out.  A good sleep Tuesday and Wednesday helped and I seemed to be back on track.

The week flew in I was so busy with washing, cleaning and shopping.  The weekend arrived and that was spent helping Carol clear her mothers house ready for the new owners in a few weeks time.


Yoga 3 classes.  Biking 125 miles with 7180 feet of climbing.  Runs 6 miles with 830 ft of climb.

So ended my first week back!


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