Hills are your friends, news from the Marmotte.

Back a week and its as if I have never been away.  All the chores have been caught upwith-washing, cleaning and gardening.  Visits have been done gifts distributed so now things are back to normal.

Client training plans have been prepared and I spent a bike ride with Vicky along the coast towards St Andrews.  Vicky turned back after 23 miles and completed 47 altogether her longer cycle to date!  One of my Jog Scotland runners wants to up the ante and I have taken her on as a new client.  She is quite determined and I think she will do well.  I leave for the Marmotte on the 2nd July and have just heard the news that, due to a tunnel collapse, the route has changed. The route now goes over the Col du Mollard and the Col de la Croix de Fer the revised distance is 170Km with 5100m of climbing.  I have also heard that my colleagues on the trip have has 32 tooth cassettes fitted.  Those of you not familiar with bikes and gears I shall have a 28 toothed rear cassette which means that I do not have as wide a range or easy set of gears when the climbs get steeper ah well Im giving them 17 years and who needs a level playing field!

Training this week went well with 135 miles on the bike climbing 7382 ft, 17 miles running with 1035 feet of climbing and 2 yoga sessions.

The weekend was spent at Carols mums again with folks coming to collect various bits of furniture and books.  Even Carol thinks there is now light at the end of the tunnel!

Saurday we went to an acoustic set by “From the Jam” at local venue The Windsor


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