Fringe programme, Sony action cam,

When we visited the EIFF we managed to pick up the 440 page Edinburgh Fringe programme.  Unusually it had lain unlooked at until I picked it up this week and started preparing the Fringe spreadsheet!  In previous years I would trawl through it picking out interesting looking shows which were on the 2 for 1 days, normally the first 2 days, however this year we are on holiday in the Lakes on the 2 for 1 days so we decided to try and have a free Fringe! There are over 400 free shows to choose from but using the main website I was able to download a file of the free shows for the days we were available and started to trawl through them.

Before I went to China and Vietnam I purchased a Sony action cam if you have been on my FB or YouTube pages you will have seen some of the videos that I uploaded with it.  The videos were of good quality and I am really happy with the camera.  The camera can also take stills as you can see:


Training wise this has been a strange week.Knowing that the Marmotte is a week away I am keen to get out on the bike but aware that there is a thin line between trained and tired.  With nothing in my experience to compare the Marmotte with the proof is going to be in the pudding.  As well as training of course I need to ensure that my bike and kit is ready for the event.  I spent 3 hours cleaning the bike, fitting new tyres and packing it away for Thursdays trip.

Training wise I did very little this week with only 64 miles and 3780 ft of climbing on the bike and 12.5 miles with 660 ft running.

The week ended with a couple of days helping Carol pack up her mothers house.  Hardly anything left now and once a couple of pick ups have been made it all be over bar the shouting.  On saturday evening we went out for a meal and a few drinks with friends, quite surprising as Carol was running the Race for Life 5k the next day!  She did well finishing in 31 :30ish although she thought the course was short.


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