Week comm 29th July 2015-Marmotte week.

Normality is many things an anchor, a distraction sometimes an impossibility this week it has been a mix of all 3 for me.

My routine for the start of the week hardly changed and normality was indeed an anchor Monday night a run with GTC including some Plyo, Tuesday a run with a new client and Wednesday another run with GTC this time in the Lomond Hills.  So much for an easy week!

Tuesday and Wednesday I spent with Carol.  We had food then went to the cinema Tuesday night.  On Wednesday we spent more time at Carols mothers house tidying up and packing the remains of the household.  Carol has organised 3 pickups and by next week it will all be over!  I had an early rise Thursday so Carol headed home after first purchasing some cat toys for her new arrival, which hasn’t arrived yet but I have already been banned from playing with!  I had an early night but a very disturbed sleep due to thunderstorms!


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