Post Marmotte week.

I took Monday as a rest day what a rest unpacking, washing, ironing and cleaning!  Carol had stayed at mine on Sunday night and it was great to see her when I came through the door! Most of the rest of the day was spent at her mothers house dealing with furniture pickups with the sale completed the house needed to be empty and keys handed in.  It has been an emotional time but, with the house sold one chapter is coming to a close.

The rest of the week was spent trying to settle back to some sort of a routine.  The Marmotte had not left me sore but I was tired and dehydrated from my efforts and never really felt on par till Wednesday.  I got back to training pretty quick although not at a good pace I just wanted to get out there and get moving again.  I also managed to do another route towards my MBLA qualification.

Totals for the week were Bike 13 miles with 675 feet of climb on my 29er.

Run 25 miles with 1730 feet of climbing.

Next week I will be starting my marathon training in earnest to prepare for Hoad Hill and Islay.


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