Pre Skye week!

Another wee break planned at end of week with Carol this time.  We have rented a cabin in Portree on the Isle of Skye a place we both love.  As is my habit I have been laying an assortment of clothes out all week-biking, running, walking and “day” clothes.

There is still five days of this week to get through however and I have been pretty busy getting the house back in order after my Marmotte break.  My thoughts have also turned to my summerhouse now almost a year old it needs some TLC to help it through the winter.  A closing DIY store has a big sale on so I took myself off up to ir and purhased decking paint and blue and cream wood paint for the shed.  I am going to attempt to paint this on my own!

Training for the week has gone pretty good although not up to the levels I would have liked with a marathon only three weeks away!  I have totalled 25 miles running and 45 biking.  When on Skye I need to get a few runs in over the hour mark.

With the car packed I left the house on Thursday and headed for Carols.


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