The Hoad Hill Marathon

The Hoad Hill marathon is sponsored by Siemens and held on coastal path, road, trail, fields and fell around Ulverston, 2015 was the inaugural edition of this race.

There was a half marathon which was full with 300 runners and the marathon with 147 entrants.

I had travelled down with Carol we had decided to make a wee trip out of it with a stop in Wales and Englandshire she had elected to drive.  Ahhhh luxury.

We were staying in the Bay Horse Hotel right on the coast and CP 2 in the race.

A bit wet CP 2 with a half marathon runner streaking past.

A bit wet CP 2 with a half marathon runner streaking past.

The hotel was comfortable and pleasant and a short walk from the town.  We spent Saturday walking around the town and some of the race route including Hoad Hill which was the finishing point for the Half and marked the beginning of a northward loop for the full.  At 300+ feet the views on a sunny Saturday afternoon were amazing and we gazed on Blackpool tower and the mountains of North Wales.

The forecast for the race was rain and as I lay in bed at 1am Sunday morning listening to it pattering off the window I resigned myself to a wet cold and muddy 26.2 miles.  Ah well I complained about the heat of the Great Wall!

It was a sparse line up for the start and after a short talk from the organiser and thanks to the sponsor s we were off.  The race started with a short dash through the town and out through a kissing gate up a muddy narrow path and finally out on a quiet road.  This was the beginning of the southward loop of the race and although the rain did not stop underfoot was relatively dry.  After climbing Hoad hill 300ft, the half marathon runners headed down the hill to the park and finish whilst the full marathon runners headed north and for the highest point in the race at 900+ feet.  The second half of the race was wetter, slippier and hillier than the first with forest, field and fell.  During the second half there was a few times when I was unsure which way to go and I wasn’t the only one some of the signage left a bit to be desired.

The end of a wet muddy race.  H done!

The end of a wet muddy race. H done!

Result according to Strava was 25.1 miles in 4:19:46 official time was 4:42:0 3rd O55.


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