Islay marathon week.

One week to go till Islay and the excitement builds.  I am really looking forward to the race and am making sure that I am prepared for it.  I   Idecided to try a weekly diary of this trip rather than the normal road trip blog and see how I get on with it.

Monday:  A nice long lie with no running at all.  I did do some cycling but only around the North of Kirkcaldy delivering flyers.  I went to yoga in the evening and had an early bed.

Tuesday:  Early rise and a fartlek session on the beach.  It was a great morning.  After the run I headed to Pete West for a massage.  This man has a knack of finding knots!! I spent most of the afternoon painting my summerhouse and starting to get things together for the weekend.  I headed out for a tri club meeting then to Carols where I spent the night.

Wednesday:  Another long lie. Spent the day with Carol we had a test drive of a Fiesta, visited Toni and went for a look at the tapestry in the museum.  I then headed to the track where I met GTC or 1 of them and we did a cooper test.  I was pleased with the result as I was 370 m up on my last test!

Thursday: Packing stretches and Jog Scotland.  Hardly slept a wink.


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