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Trail Cycle Leader.

It has been several months since I did the TCL training after which I went to China and Vietnam.  As part of the assessment you had to complete 10 route cards which I did when I returned.  I waited to hear about an assessment date but as the year drew to a close and knowing that the scheme is changing at year-end I called the Outdoor centre and managed to get a place this weekend 24th, not an ideal day as I had a weeding on the Friday and a dinner dance on the Saturday not to mention the launch of Kirkcaldy Cyclestart on Sat morning.  However after negotiating a late start I managed to secure a place on the assessment day.  With a busy week ahead this meant that I also had to “cram” for the exam!  I didn’t do a lot of training during the week as I prepared my bike and read the MBLA guide and assessment criteria, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  I have plans involving the TCL qual some voluntary work others paid work so I did not want to fail a it turns out the day was good fun and not too arduous and I passed!

So if you know f any paid TCL work available or would like to go on some led rides get in touch!!


Mums on the Run

I always preach specificity in training and worship at the altar of planning and preparation and today was no exception! In eight days time the Inaugural run of my Mums on the Run group takes place. I have done the workshop, studied the manuals, applied for permission to use a public space and read the manuals. Now there is something missing from the list and that is practical experience. However I managed to borrow a buggy this afternoon complete with baby to try out the route and to see what it would be like pushing a buggy around Beveridge Park. The buggy I borrowed was, admittedly, a good design with off-road wheels and suspension however light it was not especially with a gurgling 14 month old child in it. We went around the park 3 times and the most noticeable thing was not being able to use arms when you run especially uphill. You also tended to lean towards the buggy rather than stay erect which in turn placed strain on ankles and calves! We took the buggy around the flower beds and mapped out a paarluuf course for a little change from running around in circles lolol. Time well spent today and hopefully the group will be well attended>

Good news bad news

Good news I now have 50 followers on my Retired and living it blog!  If you know anyone that might be interested in my blog please feel free to spread the word.

Bad news a slight pull I suffered during the Islay marathon seems to have been aggravated by the coastal path relay which has meant very little running in the last two weeks.  Every cloud has a silver lining and it just means that my close season has started earlier and will last longer than usual.  It also means that I have much longer to plan my campaign for my first A race of next year.

Winter Base+ Resurrected

In 2013 I wrote “So I devised Winter base +.  Four four week blocks of running and cycling my aim to toe the line at Stirling for the Scottish Duathlon Champs in the best shape I can.  Each four week block consists of Week 1 a balanced week with 2 or 3 hard sessions of each sport, week 2 is “Bike hell”  imagine being on a training camp in Mallorca minus the sun, minus the afternoon naps and minus lying by the pool add in 2 or 3 hard run session and you are getting the idea its hard!!  Week 3 another balanced week then week four is a repeat of two only its “Run hell”. ”

Unfortunately due to injury and illness I was unable to carry this schedule out in time to prepare for Stirling 2014.  I have decided to resurrect this for the 2016 race with a few changes. The full schedule will be 20 weeks with 4 blocks of 5 weeks the extra week at the end of the block will be used for recovery and testing.  I will then be left with 1 week to taper to the race.  After the race I shall rest for 2 weeks and start training for the Jungfrau as I will know by then if I have managed to get an entry.

Week one will begin on Monday the 2nd of November until them I will enter a maintenance phase.

The close season

I thought that I had at least two races after Islay both of them Duathlons, both of them races I had done before and both of them races I had won Auld Bugger prizes at unfortunately it was not to be.  The Knockhill race and effectively the series is off due to low entries, the other the St Andrews University I have decided not to enter due to other commitments that weekend.  A wedding in Edinburgh and my former companies 30yr celebrations also in Edinburgh.  That meant that my final event of any significance was on the 3rd of October a 21 mile relay leg on the Fife Coastal Path (19.8 miles in 3:03:05) Not my best run and one which aggravated an adductor strain I picked up in Islay.

So, with the racing season finished and an injury to get over, begins the close season – resting, planning and training for next year.

Nursing an injury will force me to take it easy on the running front and with a two-four week recovery phase planned my biking miles will be easy as well.  This will give me a chance to check out all my bikes and do any repairs required before starting winter training on them. In the mean while I will get back to some core and strength training before starting training in earnest for my Spring A race the Stirling duathlon.

Review-A to Z marathon challenge Islay

Islay is an island off the west coast of Scotland famous for the eight distilleries it has on the island.  However it was the point to point marathon which attracted me to the island.

The race starts in Portnahaven and finishes in Port Ellen runners are transported to the start in a couple of mini buses, yes a couple, at 25 entrants Berlin this is not!  A hall is available for last minute comfort break and changing and runners are then piped to the start a few hundred yards away.

The race started on time and headed north towards Port Charlotte and Bruichladdich road surface was good with a slight following wind.  I was surprised to find myself in 4th place and this buoyed me up.  I increased my pace and it seemed effortless  the miles flew in without passing anyone I seemed to be in third assuming that the third runner had climbed a wall for a comfort break I increased the pace and tried to put some distance between us.  Passing 20 miles(2:47) and now heading south into a headwind I started to fade and was passed in quick succession by another male and the first lady now sitting in fifth I put my head down and just ground out the final miles to the finish.  Final posn 5th overall 4th male and 2nd V50 3:45.  After the race which finished by a local hall there was food and hot drinks and then the presentations.

If you are looking for a good marathon, well organised and in great scenery I heartily recc this one.