Review-A to Z marathon challenge Islay

Islay is an island off the west coast of Scotland famous for the eight distilleries it has on the island.  However it was the point to point marathon which attracted me to the island.

The race starts in Portnahaven and finishes in Port Ellen runners are transported to the start in a couple of mini buses, yes a couple, at 25 entrants Berlin this is not!  A hall is available for last minute comfort break and changing and runners are then piped to the start a few hundred yards away.

The race started on time and headed north towards Port Charlotte and Bruichladdich road surface was good with a slight following wind.  I was surprised to find myself in 4th place and this buoyed me up.  I increased my pace and it seemed effortless  the miles flew in without passing anyone I seemed to be in third assuming that the third runner had climbed a wall for a comfort break I increased the pace and tried to put some distance between us.  Passing 20 miles(2:47) and now heading south into a headwind I started to fade and was passed in quick succession by another male and the first lady now sitting in fifth I put my head down and just ground out the final miles to the finish.  Final posn 5th overall 4th male and 2nd V50 3:45.  After the race which finished by a local hall there was food and hot drinks and then the presentations.

If you are looking for a good marathon, well organised and in great scenery I heartily recc this one.


2 responses to “Review-A to Z marathon challenge Islay

  1. It’s a pity Jura didn’t have there’s the next day Jim you could have swam across and knocked of 2 at the same visit.

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