Mums on the Run

I always preach specificity in training and worship at the altar of planning and preparation and today was no exception! In eight days time the Inaugural run of my Mums on the Run group takes place. I have done the workshop, studied the manuals, applied for permission to use a public space and read the manuals. Now there is something missing from the list and that is practical experience. However I managed to borrow a buggy this afternoon complete with baby to try out the route and to see what it would be like pushing a buggy around Beveridge Park. The buggy I borrowed was, admittedly, a good design with off-road wheels and suspension however light it was not especially with a gurgling 14 month old child in it. We went around the park 3 times and the most noticeable thing was not being able to use arms when you run especially uphill. You also tended to lean towards the buggy rather than stay erect which in turn placed strain on ankles and calves! We took the buggy around the flower beds and mapped out a paarluuf course for a little change from running around in circles lolol. Time well spent today and hopefully the group will be well attended>


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