Trail Cycle Leader.

It has been several months since I did the TCL training after which I went to China and Vietnam.  As part of the assessment you had to complete 10 route cards which I did when I returned.  I waited to hear about an assessment date but as the year drew to a close and knowing that the scheme is changing at year-end I called the Outdoor centre and managed to get a place this weekend 24th, not an ideal day as I had a weeding on the Friday and a dinner dance on the Saturday not to mention the launch of Kirkcaldy Cyclestart on Sat morning.  However after negotiating a late start I managed to secure a place on the assessment day.  With a busy week ahead this meant that I also had to “cram” for the exam!  I didn’t do a lot of training during the week as I prepared my bike and read the MBLA guide and assessment criteria, fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  I have plans involving the TCL qual some voluntary work others paid work so I did not want to fail a it turns out the day was good fun and not too arduous and I passed!

So if you know f any paid TCL work available or would like to go on some led rides get in touch!!


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