Gigs, Tanks and IKEA does cafes!


It had been a while since Carol and I had been to a gig but that was remedied when we went to 3 gigs in under a week.  The first one was in the Windsor a local pub well known as a music venue.  Top of the bill was the Rezillos supported by Crimedesk and UrgencyX UK.  A lively gig with the Rezillos playing all the classics and some new material as well as covers.

Next day was Carols tank driving at Stirling.  The “tank” was in fact an APC but she wasn’t caring.  It had been raining practically all week and the course was like a morass but of course this made it all the better.  The first lap was a bit stop start as she got used to handling the APC but laps 2 and 3 were great. It had been a long time coming as this had been a Christmas present!

Our next gig was in Glasgow at the BBC studios.  So we decided to go through early and have a trip to Ikea for some shopping and food.  The gig  was a Quay session with Frank Turner and I had been lucky enough to get 2 tickets in the draw.  Frank Turner was not someone I had listened to but Carol had seen him before and as we have similar tastes I decided to put my name in the draw for tickets and was lucky!  The gig was really good and quite intimate with loads of banter between Frank and the audience.  Once he was finished he came down beside the audience and posed for pics and signed autographs.

Our final gig was at PJ Molloys a pub in Dunfermline once again well known as a music venue.  Three bands were playing and we arrived just as the first band were starting.  They were called Beatnik Prestige and seemed to have a large local and vocal following!  Second band to take the stage and my main reason for going were the Begbies a Scottish indie band I had been wanting to see for some time.  It was well worth the wait.  Headliners were The Ordinary Boys a band I had seen about 8 years ago when they were up and coming!!  All told a great night.



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