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2015 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.


Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 850 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 14 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.


See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

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Source: See the #fireworks I created by blogging on #WordPressDotCom. My 2015 annual report.

A catch up…

It’s been a while since I just posted a general “this is life in retired land” post so here it is.

Things are going well I have been out a bit more than usual and drinking a bit more than usual and eating a bit more than usual all linked in with this period of time and celebration we call Christmas and Hogmanay!

Carol is on holiday from her work  and she has been busy preparing for Xmas or rather Xmas eve meal at hers which was lovely.  We spent the evening together with her son and daughter eating and opening presents in the continental way.  While she was off we took the chance to visit the European market in Edinburgh and see the Virgin light display which was pretty good.

We went to a carol service with her mother, you don’t always know how things will go when you take Toni out and Carol was on tenterhooks but apart from a slight decline in table manners everything went ok and the carols, my first, were good as well.


Rupert the cat AKA as the Roopster seems to have settled in well,  since his little bid for freedom he is never far from my side even when he doesn’t want food.  Of course the penalty he has to pay is that he is constantly rubbed and played with especially with his new Xmas toys! I am led to believe from Carol the cat woman that this is the cause of his grumpy attitude and that if he wants to sleep I should let him.

The weather countrywide has been terrible but Fife seems to have escaped the worst of it so although there are bad spots we have had nothing like the North of England.  Training has continued cycling mainly on the turbo although I have been out on the 29er a few times and as far as running has gone its get wet or don’t go basically!

I have begun to set up a web site for the bike tours I intend guiding in 2016 so watch this space for news of that and if you are reading this and would like to know more about them or have friends that would like to try a guided tour in Scotland get in touch.

That’s all for the mo my next post will be just after Hogmanay a round up of 2015 and a look forward to 2016.

Winter base+week 8

Entering the “social danger” period now with Xmas and New year traditionally a time to eat, drink and be merry!  With that in mind I set myself a target that I thought was high but that I would be happy with getting 75% of the figure in. Just the way my mind works if I had put the figure I actually wanted I would have ended well short of my target for the week.  I had nursed my sore foot along for another week and did see some improvement which is just as well as next week is meant to be run hell I might just adapt and make it “run very hot but not quite hell week” see how the runs go.

I did have a few late nights and a substantially increased amount of calories having said that I did manage the following totals:

Bike: 112 miles in 6h 57 mins (target was 9) with 1695 feet of climbing.

Run 17 miles in 3:01 (1 min over target) with 1216 feet of climbing and 4 runs.

I was happy with both these totals especially 2 of the sessions I put in on the turbo.

Winter base+ week 7

Second week of the second cycle.  This is a bike hell week  the objective being to discard the well worn “increase by 10%” and “only increase distance or intensity or frequency”.  I increased the time and intensity on the turbo I also took the chance in the mild weather we have been having to get out on the 29er on a couple of days.

As things turned out not quite the week I planned with an extra rest day on Friday as advised by my massage therapist.  Not normally the advice I would take but being older and wiser and keen to see Base+ out this year I did what I was told which left me short for the week.  Luckily I had done the 3 turbo interval sessions earlier in the week.

Totals for this week were:

Bike-91 miles, 7 hours on the bike most of it pretty intense and  773 feet climbed.  Managed to get out on a track I had sen before but hadn’t gone on.  It was a bit of a XC adventure with fallen trees to climb and muddy slopes to negotiate but great fun.

Run-11 miles in 2 hours with 458 feet climbed.  Having problems with left foot and Achilles so this has really been an easier running week than planned however the easy miles seem to be paying dividends and my foot was easing off by the end of the week.


Winter base+ week 6

Week 1 cycle 2 a good solid week training with both time targets met and the biking plan absolutely smashed!  Running however did not go so well still a bit of a niggle so speed work was out however I did make up for that by getting out on the trails and on some I had not ran before.  Every cloud has a silver lining!

Bike: 98 miles, 7 hours 875 ft over 5 sessions.  Including 2 turbo int sessions and 1 single leg drills.

Run: 21.5 miles 3h 45m 959 ft of climbing over 4 sessions.

Although I can feel the training taking it’s toll I am certain I am doing the correct thing.  Recently in the press the value of base training has been questioned “Base training is largely unstructured, low-intensity cruising”!

Winter base+ week 5

The fifth week in each cycle serves two purposes first and foremost I undertake my run and bike tests to gauge improvement during the preceding month and secondly to undertake any low intensity skills work I think I require.

Week 5 seemed to come along really quick and I was looking forward to see how my measures had improved.  I felt good the scales were telling me the weight was coming off and the first four weeks of the cycle had gone well.

The bike test showed a marked improvement and confirmed my feeling when I had been on the bike.  Due to a night out I was not going to be able to do my local park run so went down a day early and started to run around the course.  Unfortunately I pulled up due to cramp in my calf.  I did not repeat the test once it’s done it’s done!

Stats for the week:

Bike 61.5 miles with 894 ft of climbing and 4h 30 in the saddle.

Run 17.66 miles with 660 ft of climb in 2h 54.

I’m really looking forward to Cycle 2 and pushing it a bit more.