Winter base+ week 4

A strange mixed up kind of week.  At times I had to remind myself that a plan is just that a plan and plans sometimes “gang awry”.  I did endeavouaer to complete the most important sessions and not just go for the “figures”.

The plan had been to do 4 hours running and 8 hours on the bike with a mix of easy and harder sessions for both sports.  As it turned out I did make 8 hours but that was in total 4 hours run with 4 hours on the bike.

Bike-4h 4m, 51 miles with 518 ft of climbing but it was 3 good quality sessions.  MTB skills with Carol in Middleden with some easy stuff as well, a hard session of intervals on the turbo and a short easy brick so a good week.

Run- 4h 1m, 24.6 mles with 1586 ft of climb.  Mixed in amongst the 5 runs were an interval session a trail run and the brick.

As you see not a total waste of a week most of the hard work was done!

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