Kit Review-Saucony Siberius gloves

Winter is upon us and last years gloves just werent cutting it any more so I decided on a new pair and plumped for these from Saucony.

First impressions were that they were a good fit and the brushed interior felt nice and warm against my hands.  According to the blurb there was a thermometer somewhere that turned something blue at freezing or below.  I put them in the freezer and failed to find it!  There is also a well concealed pocket for a light to fit in thats fine but I searched the web, not too hard, and could not find any sign of a Siberius light.  Two features two fails as far as I could see.

At a rrp of £30 reduced to £9.99 what could I expect well I expected them to fit check 1 I expected them to be warm check 2 so you could argue I got what I paid for.

The blurb does not mention performance in the rain which is just as well.

Point poss 4/10!


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