Winter base+ week 5

The fifth week in each cycle serves two purposes first and foremost I undertake my run and bike tests to gauge improvement during the preceding month and secondly to undertake any low intensity skills work I think I require.

Week 5 seemed to come along really quick and I was looking forward to see how my measures had improved.  I felt good the scales were telling me the weight was coming off and the first four weeks of the cycle had gone well.

The bike test showed a marked improvement and confirmed my feeling when I had been on the bike.  Due to a night out I was not going to be able to do my local park run so went down a day early and started to run around the course.  Unfortunately I pulled up due to cramp in my calf.  I did not repeat the test once it’s done it’s done!

Stats for the week:

Bike 61.5 miles with 894 ft of climbing and 4h 30 in the saddle.

Run 17.66 miles with 660 ft of climb in 2h 54.

I’m really looking forward to Cycle 2 and pushing it a bit more.


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