Daily Archives: December 23, 2015

Winter base+ week 7

Second week of the second cycle.  This is a bike hell week  the objective being to discard the well worn “increase by 10%” and “only increase distance or intensity or frequency”.  I increased the time and intensity on the turbo I also took the chance in the mild weather we have been having to get out on the 29er on a couple of days.

As things turned out not quite the week I planned with an extra rest day on Friday as advised by my massage therapist.  Not normally the advice I would take but being older and wiser and keen to see Base+ out this year I did what I was told which left me short for the week.  Luckily I had done the 3 turbo interval sessions earlier in the week.

Totals for this week were:

Bike-91 miles, 7 hours on the bike most of it pretty intense and  773 feet climbed.  Managed to get out on a track I had sen before but hadn’t gone on.  It was a bit of a XC adventure with fallen trees to climb and muddy slopes to negotiate but great fun.

Run-11 miles in 2 hours with 458 feet climbed.  Having problems with left foot and Achilles so this has really been an easier running week than planned however the easy miles seem to be paying dividends and my foot was easing off by the end of the week.