Winter base+week 8

Entering the “social danger” period now with Xmas and New year traditionally a time to eat, drink and be merry!  With that in mind I set myself a target that I thought was high but that I would be happy with getting 75% of the figure in. Just the way my mind works if I had put the figure I actually wanted I would have ended well short of my target for the week.  I had nursed my sore foot along for another week and did see some improvement which is just as well as next week is meant to be run hell I might just adapt and make it “run very hot but not quite hell week” see how the runs go.

I did have a few late nights and a substantially increased amount of calories having said that I did manage the following totals:

Bike: 112 miles in 6h 57 mins (target was 9) with 1695 feet of climbing.

Run 17 miles in 3:01 (1 min over target) with 1216 feet of climbing and 4 runs.

I was happy with both these totals especially 2 of the sessions I put in on the turbo.


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