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Winter Base+ Week 12

Another week of good training in.  Made all the intense cycling sessions but due to a mechanical Wednesdays easy bike was curtailed.  Running wise I did 2 intense sessions as this is bike hell week ststs:

Bike 93 miles 8h 1109 ft of climb

Run 18.5 miles 3 h with 721 ft of climb.

Looking at last years stats I was much more run biased but the dual total is almost the same.

Book review-Cycling past 50

Written by Joe Friel  I purchased this because I am indeed past 50 and I have for a number of years been adjusting training and recovery protocols to suit my body and the way it feels.

Friel is triathalon/cyclings equivalent of ultrarunnings Tim Noakes an experienced coach and author with years and miles of experience. I do however find him hard to read.  Not so this book.  Others of his I have read seem to be aimed almost at the pro athlete this book is different.  The book contains a wealth of tables and illustrations on periodization carb intake, resistance exercises and other pearls of wisdom but it is the text and the little hints and tips that can be lifted from this book that makes it worth a read.  The copy I have was bought second hand and there is probably a newer edition with the latest information in it but by the time a book goes to print that information is old anyway and up to date research can be found on the net.

I think a novice cyclist could take a look at this book and glean a lot from it I would put myself in the intermediate cycling category  and still think this book is worth a read especially if you can get it second hand or borrow it from a friend.

Winter base+ Week 11

Another good week of training.

Biking 87 miles with 2 on the MTB for 9h 28m and 1720 feet

Running 15.7 2h 49m and 1062 feet.

I have been using Strava for a while now and from this week as well as my test wek I am using Strava to beat my segment times and it is going really well another indication of improvement.

Winter base+ week 10

Half way through the Base+ schedule.  Things have gone really well.  This weeks tests were 50/50 bike test did not show any improvement but the running test got me a new PB over the Kirkcaldy park run course.

A really easy week with 7 sessions in total 2 resistance sessions 1 yoga 2 bikes and 2 runs.  Really pleased how things worked out though as achilles seems to be well on the mend.  This week also made me think about something else the periodised year.  Most schedules from the likes of Freil et al the super coaching gurus will put you on a periodised year depending on A, B and C races this year will have 1 possibly 2 long lay offs for recovery or to help avoid staleness.  I believe that if Winter base+ was extended to the full year s that the year was divided into 10×5 week cycles that would allow you to race all year and remain fit and healthy.  I shall give this more thought and make a decision in March as to how I shall proceed.

Anyway the stats for last week:

Bike 40.8 miles 3 h and 1200 ft

Run 7.5 miles 1h 200ft

A Guid New Year.

I have never been much of a Xmas person and it was even more so this year, with tickets for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Concert in the Garden on the pinboard I just wanted 31st December to appear.  The bridge closure put a damper on it booooooo but then the opening made everything good again yaaaaaaay.

Concert headliners were a wee Scottish band called Biffy ******* Clyro supported by Idlewild and first on stage the Honey bloods.  Carol drove and after a wee bit of a drama we got to Hermiston park and ride for the bus to the City Centre and a 10 min walk to the Gardens.  Edinburgh has been hosting the party for years and things went pretty slick for the amount of folks that were there.

We got into the Enclosure to find that it is stepped ideal for those of us that are vertically challenged so we headed for the back and the highest point we could get to.  We arrived for the end of the Honeys set and the second firework display of the evening.  There was a short break while we were entertained by Grant Stott and Idlewild took to the stage.  Led by the enigmatic  Roddy Woomble.  It was all about pleasing the crowd and they did their best but with dyed in the wool Biffy fans making up most of the audience they were not going to accept any less than the Biff!!

The 11pm display came and went Grant Stott did his bit Tim Peake broadcasted from the ISS none of this mattered Cmon the Biff and they were on!!! They battered thru a great set suddenly frozen hands and feet were gone as they belted out tune after tune from their collection.  A break for the bells being soooooooo long and the fireworks went on for ever, not really and they were amazing!!

Biffy part Deux!  Bands that have played Edinburgh’s Hogmanay say the atmosphere is amazing and that it lifts their performance I have no superlatives to describe Biffy’s you had to be there and I’m glad I was!!

After the show ended we headed to Dalry Road and our bus back to the Park and Ride.  One left full and we were lucky to get on the next one.  We got home about 3am and fell into bed at 4am still buzzing from the show.

Winter base+ Week 9

Almost half way through the plan for Stirling Duathlon and the time has flown in possibly not helped by the fact that the festive season was right in the middle!

As anticipated the run hell week was rather luke warm but I managed to get a few good sessions in without any mishaps.

Bike totals were: 68 miles in just under 5 hours with 2100 ft of climb.  I threw in a couple of effort sessions as my running was not going well.

Run totals :23 mles in just under 4 hours with 2300 ft of climb.  This inc one interval session and one fartlek session way short of what I wanted but foot is still twinging.

Week 5 in every cycle is test week so all sessions are easy except for the two test sessions which are done at max so the foot will get another chance at a rest.