A Guid New Year.

I have never been much of a Xmas person and it was even more so this year, with tickets for Edinburgh’s Hogmanay Concert in the Garden on the pinboard I just wanted 31st December to appear.  The bridge closure put a damper on it booooooo but then the opening made everything good again yaaaaaaay.

Concert headliners were a wee Scottish band called Biffy ******* Clyro supported by Idlewild and first on stage the Honey bloods.  Carol drove and after a wee bit of a drama we got to Hermiston park and ride for the bus to the City Centre and a 10 min walk to the Gardens.  Edinburgh has been hosting the party for years and things went pretty slick for the amount of folks that were there.

We got into the Enclosure to find that it is stepped ideal for those of us that are vertically challenged so we headed for the back and the highest point we could get to.  We arrived for the end of the Honeys set and the second firework display of the evening.  There was a short break while we were entertained by Grant Stott and Idlewild took to the stage.  Led by the enigmatic  Roddy Woomble.  It was all about pleasing the crowd and they did their best but with dyed in the wool Biffy fans making up most of the audience they were not going to accept any less than the Biff!!

The 11pm display came and went Grant Stott did his bit Tim Peake broadcasted from the ISS none of this mattered Cmon the Biff and they were on!!! They battered thru a great set suddenly frozen hands and feet were gone as they belted out tune after tune from their collection.  A break for the bells being soooooooo long and the fireworks went on for ever, not really and they were amazing!!

Biffy part Deux!  Bands that have played Edinburgh’s Hogmanay say the atmosphere is amazing and that it lifts their performance I have no superlatives to describe Biffy’s you had to be there and I’m glad I was!!

After the show ended we headed to Dalry Road and our bus back to the Park and Ride.  One left full and we were lucky to get on the next one.  We got home about 3am and fell into bed at 4am still buzzing from the show.


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