Winter base+ week 10

Half way through the Base+ schedule.  Things have gone really well.  This weeks tests were 50/50 bike test did not show any improvement but the running test got me a new PB over the Kirkcaldy park run course.

A really easy week with 7 sessions in total 2 resistance sessions 1 yoga 2 bikes and 2 runs.  Really pleased how things worked out though as achilles seems to be well on the mend.  This week also made me think about something else the periodised year.  Most schedules from the likes of Freil et al the super coaching gurus will put you on a periodised year depending on A, B and C races this year will have 1 possibly 2 long lay offs for recovery or to help avoid staleness.  I believe that if Winter base+ was extended to the full year s that the year was divided into 10×5 week cycles that would allow you to race all year and remain fit and healthy.  I shall give this more thought and make a decision in March as to how I shall proceed.

Anyway the stats for last week:

Bike 40.8 miles 3 h and 1200 ft

Run 7.5 miles 1h 200ft


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