Book review-Cycling past 50

Written by Joe Friel  I purchased this because I am indeed past 50 and I have for a number of years been adjusting training and recovery protocols to suit my body and the way it feels.

Friel is triathalon/cyclings equivalent of ultrarunnings Tim Noakes an experienced coach and author with years and miles of experience. I do however find him hard to read.  Not so this book.  Others of his I have read seem to be aimed almost at the pro athlete this book is different.  The book contains a wealth of tables and illustrations on periodization carb intake, resistance exercises and other pearls of wisdom but it is the text and the little hints and tips that can be lifted from this book that makes it worth a read.  The copy I have was bought second hand and there is probably a newer edition with the latest information in it but by the time a book goes to print that information is old anyway and up to date research can be found on the net.

I think a novice cyclist could take a look at this book and glean a lot from it I would put myself in the intermediate cycling category  and still think this book is worth a read especially if you can get it second hand or borrow it from a friend.


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