Should you always stick to a routine?

As readers of this blog may well know I am retired, perhaps not a man of leisure but with time on my hands.  My company being the kind of company it is sent me on a retirement course where I was given all sorts of advice about how to handle time  without employment.  One piece of advice was to get into a routine or schedule, call it what you will, so that you had as little dead time as possible.

As I am still competing and training, and have done for years, this sounded like good sensible advice to me so I instigated several new events to add to my routine that would help fill the void left by work when I retired.

Occasionally however I have found that a bit of deviation does no harm indeed might even help, let me give one example.

Part of my day is to get all my training completed by noon this means that the rest of the day is left for the more mundane tasks such as cleaning and shopping.  There are exceptions of course as I attend two evening yoga classes and take one morning jog class and one evening jog class.

Last week I found myself out late on Sunday evening tackling my final run of the week, it had been planned for Sunday just not so late.  As had been the case most of the week it was a foul night and it felt like really hard work I persevered and completed my run and therefore the training for the week.  It was on Monday that I thought the routine might need a bit of a shake!  I woke up and could feel that my legs were stiff and aching from the previous nights efforts.

I decided on a four part plan-extra time in bed and lying flexing and stretching my legs while I rested.  Putting compression tights on. No training at all till AFTER noon.  Finally no running that day even though it was a run hell week in my Base+ plan.

So in this case I believe I was right to forget about routine and instead do what I thought to be correct.  Of course one of the reasons I could miss a run on the Monday was because I have a lot more time to complete the runs and don’t have the time constraints of someone working 5 days a week with a family also encroaching on time!



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