Winter Base+Week 13

Another good week of training.  Every week I feel stronger and more able to tackle the challenges ahead.  I have come to realise that Base+ is doing more than getting me fit it is improving my overall health.  Let me explain.  Normally at this time of the year I will be fighting off colds, i’ll be sneezing and coughing and be generally run down.  I will have mouth ulcers as a sign of over training and cold sores as my immune system battles against the virus, invariably loosing.

This year I have none of that it’s as if I have stumbled upon a magic formula to good health and fitness.  Of course that is not the case I believe that the Base+ has had a major impact but the combination of rest and nutrition, by that I mean real food not sugar laden gels and sports drinks, have all helped to make this winter a good training block.

This weeks stats:

Bike 96 miles in 8 hours with 2100 ft of climb.  More good turbo work but I also managed to get out for some rides as well.

Run 19 miles in 3h 30m with 642 ft of climb.  An easy week run wise as run hell is next!



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