Race review:Aboyne Duathlon

Organised by Aberdeenshire council the Aboyne duathlon has 2 races, the little one with a 2.7 mile run a 9 mile bike and another 2.7 mile run, the large duathlon adds an extra lap of the bike course making it just over 18 miles.

I had decided to travel up to this to get an event in before Stirling.  Well run and laid out with showers and changing available at Aboyne academy the run and bike routes are flat and well marked.  The bike route sticks to the classic left turn only and it is when you are coming into T2 that you have to cross the road.

I had aimed for 1:45-1:50 and my time was 1:49:10 within my target but I wasn’t very happy.  I was particularly unhappy with my run to bike and my bike av speed.  Something to work on which was the whole idea of going up there anyway.  From that angle the day was a success.

The Aberdeenshire council run a series of races and if it wasn’t for the distance it would be worth going to them all.


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