Daily Archives: March 27, 2016

The best laid plans!

Sunday March 27th.  Stirling.  Scottish water Duathlon Champs.  At last the day had arrived and I headed to Stirling in  a buoyant mood.

With 20 weeks training under my belt and selection of run and bike PB’s I was quietly confident of beating last years time.  As I headed into ever darkening skies and a light rain my mood got as dark as the skies.

As I squelched across the playing fields to the start of the Standard distance race my heart start racing and my spirits lifted.  The race started under grey skies and I settled into a good pace.  Run 1 is four laps of a mainly road course but unfortunately the off road parts were muddy and churned up by the events which has gone before ours.  It was a case of slipping and sliding your way through them.  Running without my Garmin which had failed before the start I tried as much as possible to judge my pace and time for the run and thought I was at least on time but as the laps were done I could sense that my pace was going the same way as my footing….slipping!  Run 1 time 50:25 2:10 slower than last year.

I ran into transition donned my helmet and shoes and made my way to the mount point.  As I turned out of the University the wind and rain hit me for the first time.  The rain did not last long and soon the wind died down to a manageable breeze.  The bike section is a 2 lap 42K  long undulating course and one I quite like.  I got into a steady cadence pushing a big gear and at the start of the second lap reckoned I was about 5 mins ahead of last years time.  Back on the open road after the return through the university and I turned into heavy rain driven by a strong wind and although the rain stopped the wind remained and that was the case till the end of the bike leg.  Far from being 5 mins ahead I found that I was slower than last year on the bike as well.  42K 1:34:24 2:07 slower than last years time.

Bike racked, helmet off and back on the run course which was in even worse condition 2 laps 5K 26:55 2:30 slower than last year.

Not a good day at the office!