Brooks Ravenna 5-Shoe review

I have been running in Adidas boost for over 3 years now and found them to be very good, however I was never really happy with my latest purchase from the range and decided that I needed a change leading up to the Jungfrau.

I took myself up to St Andrews for a shoe fitting at Podofit.  I had not visited Podofit before and had always recommended stores in Dundee or Edinburgh that I was familiar with so this was new territory for me.

The shop is bright and well laid out it is rather small and does not stock much in the way of clothing but I was here for shoes.  The shop stocks Brooks, Saucony and New Balance all shoes I had worn before but I had not worn Brooks since they first developed the Kinetic Wedge which I think was sometime in the early 90’s!

We went through the usual routine, discussing shoes worn, looking at what I was currently wearing  and walking up and down the shop with various pairs on.  I had been wearing normal shoes for over 8 years now but was told that I was pronating slightly and might be better with a bit of support.

After almost an hour I eventually settled for a pair of Brooks Ravenna 5’s last years model and on sale for £80.

My first run in the red and white Ravennas was the Fife Ac Beveridge Park 5K.  They felt strange at first with the slight rise in the instep but I soon got used to them and by the end of the run was feeling really comfortable in them.  Time 22:48 which I was well pleased with.

Verdict on the Brooks Ravenna good shoe well worth looking at if you fancy a change.


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