Apollo Duathlon-Race review

The Apollo duathlon is set in the Cairngorms in the Balmoral estate a more scenic race you could not ask for.  It is an off road duathlon with the first run billed as 6K the Bike as 16K and the second run as 4K.  Not what my garmin told me but hey ho that’s not unusual.

The race starts at 09:30 so an early rise if you elect to drive up from Fife on the day.  The first run takes you along past the castle and by the riverside you continus along estate roads till you start climbing and from then on its a mix of forest trails and landrover tracks quite good surface to run on with the occasional root and boulder to watch out for.  Distance 3.92miles, Climb 315 ft and Time 31:09

The bike started out on the estate roads again and went past the castle and the turn off point for the run and headed out towards Lochnagar looking splendid in a cloak of sparkling snow.  The ascent was over a mix of terrain sand, granite boulders and more estate roads but the descent was a lot better mainly on forest tracks.  Distance 9.75miles, climb 651ft and Time 54:47.

The second run was over the same route as the first with some cut off.  Dist 3.03 mile, Climb 321ft and time 25:46.



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