Review-Compression socks

I am a great believer in compression and have tights, shorts, calf guards and socks.  When I saw that Aldi were going to do socks for a measly £4 I thought that is too good to be true.  However I have several items bought there and have not been disappointed so far so I thought I would give them a try.

The first thing to note is that if you run in Brooks Raveanna 5’s they will co-ordinate lovely.  Unfortunately the good news ends there.  The socks are almost knee length which is fine, the foot part of the sock (6-8.5) is too big and I found that it wrinkled easily.  I could not feel any compression in the foot ankle or Achilles area whatsoever and only very light compression in the calf.

Wrap up: £4 is cheap for sports socks and that’s fine but as a compression garment these socks are sadly lacking.

IMHO don’t buy!


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