Bordeaux to Frontenac.  Day one of the Big French Trip

Despite the receptionists fears that we might not get a good nights sleep we left the Stars hotel pretty refreshed and ready to tackle the Bordeaux traffic and find the Voie Verte Roger Lapebie named after a former winner of the Tour de France.

The traffic was busy along the main road from the hotel but we soon got onto a cycle path and followed this across a bridge and down under it to the beginning of a cycle path which would lead us onto the Voie Vert.The going was good with the occasional tree root or bump but all tarmaced and no potholes.  First day. On the bikes. And we were just really settling in.  The cycle path was pleasent to ride  and well used with other cyclists and runners going about their respective leisure activity.  

Our first stop was a small village called Frontenac going by our Canal map the distance was to be 24 miles but by the time we added in the distance from out hotel to the Voie Vert and our stop at Creon for lunch it was 32.5 miles.

Other cyclists were polite and generally greeted us with a nod or a bonjour. And at Creon, when we were looking at the map to find the square a couple stopped and asked if we needed directions to which we replied non.  Breton Bill and his partner proceeded on thier way.  It would not be the last time we saw them.  
We had lunch in Creon watching the local line dancing club go through thier paces to the Pogues!!  

After Creon we picked up speed a little and marvelled as the cool breeze helped make the heat bearable.  The turn off for Frontenac came all too soon and we headed up the hill in search of our bed for the night.  We were staying at the B N B of Michèle Duranteau. An amazing old house and we had it all to ourselves.  We had drinks in the garden and stored the Velos in her garage before going upstairs to our room.  Frontenac is a small village with only one pub so that is where we headed for our dinner.  We opted for the salad starter which had duck in it . Not unpleasant just strange.  Main course was steak followed by strawberry tart.  After that lot we had a walk around the village which killed about 5 mins and headed back to the B N B to the screams of the French supporters as they had just beaten Iceland.

Stats Dist 32.5 miles

Climb 1066ft

Time 3h35m

Av mph 9.1


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