Agen to Montauban and TdF finish no 1

A long day in the saddle today made longer by the location of the hotel to the canal.  The main reason for our visit to Montauban is to see the tour finish there tomorrow and with that thought in our minds we pedalled through what was our hottest and longest day so far.  When we first planned the trip we had worked on an average of 50k per day but factoring in the distances to available hotels had not been part of that plan!

Today’s hotel was a Premier Classe on an industrial estate on the outskirts of Montauban with a Campanile next door.  We booked in and the Asst manager helpfully stored the Velos in a secure container for us.  At checkin we were advised to book a table at the restaurant as after 9 it would be exclusively for Le Tour personnel.  Arriving at the hotel and seeing Tour vehicles raised the pulse a little.

We didn’t have the time or inclination to go into Montauban in the evening it had been a long hard ride and the first time Carol had rode 50 miles.

Stats:51.4 miles

Time 5:22:33

Climb 298 feet 


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