Marmande to Agen

We decided to take advantage of the eat all you can breakfast buffet to fuel us up for the first part of the day and also to pocket some stuff for Agen where we were in a self catering appt hotel.

We found our new route out of Marmande and were soon on familiar unclassified roads from yesterday.  The canal was as we left it straight, green and tree lined.  By now the fields of grapes had been replaced by apple trees as far as the eye could see and the trees were heavy with fruit.  The cycling along the canal was mainly flat except when approaching locks and generally straight in fact you could almost set an auto pilot and just have a heat induced snooze as the bike trundled along bumping over the odd tree root.

We continued along the canal to Le Mas-d’Agenais where we had decided to stop for a break and have a look at this picture skew village.  The road from the canal led straight uphill passed a shrine to la Velo and into the main sq which, unfortunately was being dug up along with half the roads in the village!  

So we decided to resupply and have our break elsewhere.    Down the hill and along the canal to  the basin at Buzet a great place to stop and have lunch whilst we admired the boats moored there.  The facilities vary greatly along the canal as do the prices Buzet was obviously one of the upmarket basins with Magnums at 3 euro and 50 cent!  Having  said that the facilities were excellent and there was a few Eurosworth of vessels moored up!

We had lunch and once again got on the bikes.  We were beginning to settle into a routine now with quite a big breakfast, shopping either the night before or on the day for fruit and water with sandwiches for lunch and going out in the evening for our final meal of the day.  Water wise we were drinking about five litres a day and that seemed to do us. Arriving in Agen we quickly picked up some signs for the appt hotel who had helpfully provided us with the code for the front door as we had expected to be later than we were.  The receptionist showed us to the bike store which already had a selection of bicycles in it and after unloading our panniers and bottles we headed for the cool of our room.  We walked around to a supermarket and picked up food and water for the next day and a sandwich for the evening which was quickly devoured.  We then went out for a bit of sightseeing as the sun went over Agen.

Stats Dist 45.2 miles

Time 4::16:36

Climb 894 feet


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