Toulouse to Donneville a short day.

Today was a very short day 28Km according to the canal map so we took things nice and slow in the morning with me nipping down to a local shop for our now obligatory fruit, nuts, sandwiches and water.  I retrieved our Velos from the underground car park, dropping the D lock on my left foot in the process, and we loaded up and started on our way down the right bank of the Canal du Midi.  It was busy within the city boundaries and the path was popular with biker, runners and walkers.

Once outside the city we settled down to a steady 9 mph on our first day on the Canal du Midi.  The surface on this part of the Midi are still good and once more we made good time.  We took our time but still reached Donneville well before booking in time.  We spent some time looking for the horse in this one horse town and failing to find it headed to the local football pitch and sat and had lunch and a rest.  

At the appointed hour we made our way to the Motel L’Enclos reception and were given keys and directions to our chalet.

Bikes, baggage bodies.  We headed for the nearest Intermarche and bought food for that days evening meal and the next day’s pedal.  

We ate outside as our clothes dried in the sun.  
Stats. 13 miles

Time 1:26:32

Climb 10 feet


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