Castlenaudry to Carcassonne post tour PLF!

We rose late booking out time was 1200 with Le Caravan due through at 2:45.  The hotel had kindly let us leave bikes and baggage in the storage area so we were free to wander the town, soak up the atmosphere and most importantly choose our caravan and viewing spots!

Why two spots?  Well you want space for when the caravan passes so you can scramble about for the goodies as it was I ended up giving most of mine to the sister of a girl who seemed to get everything and was not into sharing with her sibling!  As for viewing you want to see as much as possible with perhaps the risk of a crash.  The route went past our hotel up a slight incline and did a sharp left hander on a cobbled corner we chose this spot to view the tour.

After the tour had gone through it was time to grab our bikes and baggage and head for our next stop. The Bastide cite of Carcassonne.

We headed down the hill amidst the tour tidy up operation. It was here we had our first mechanical as we headed down the hill my panniers felt out of balance what had happened was a bolt had shaken loose from my rear panniers.  After some first aid we again headed off.

We swung left onto the canal and were on our way.  The accommodation was listed as being 500m from the canal and on the outskirts of the town.  We wasted no time as there was a financial cost if you turned up later than 7pm!   Unfortunately by the time we negotiated a main road and a new huge LeClerk development we rolled up 45 mins late. Looking sweaty and bedraggled.   We booked. In and were shown our rooms Velo. Storage was on our patio and there were bikes on nearly all of the patios in our row of rooms.  

We were to be here for 3 nights so we took the chance to do a full unpacking of our panniers and get some washing done before we hit our single beds!!

Stats Distance 26 miles

Time 2:30:13

Climb 84 feet


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