Carcassonne, Le Tour and Bastille day.

Our time in Carcassonne seemed to be spent travelling the 3 miles from our “holiday camp” to the town for various events.  The first event which was on the 13th Jul was the start of Le Tour from the city centre.  We cycled in and found the start point for the caravan and followed the trail of vehicles which led us to the team buses but there was heavy security all around and no one was allowed near unless they had a pass.

We locked the bikes up and set about finding a good spot to catch the caravan and watch the sign on and roll out of the riders.

Between the caravan and the sign in starting we took the chance to buy some tour souvineirs as this would be our last day at the tour.  You do not need to look far official merchandise stalls are fairly obvious and well stocked with all sorts of tour tat.
The riders seemed to sign on in a random manner but the Jersey holders were all stopped and interviewed as were some of the favoured riders.   
After the riders rolled out we headed back to the accommodation.

The following day we were total tourists walking around the walled cite, snapping photographs visiting museums and generally whiling away a day with no particular aim.  

We couldn’t get up onto the battlements as they were being made ready for the fireworks display for that evening.  The Carcassonne Bastille day fireworks are famous all over France and we were  looking forward to them along with several thousand others!  The photos do not do the display justices.  The display lasted 25 mins and lit up the sky and the battlements.  Once the display had finished we headed back to our bikes and headed for bed never imagining the news we would waken up to.


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