La Somail to Beziers – Tomes tunnel and punctures.

WE took our time leaving Le Somail mainly because I wanted to visit the library which had featured in the Pru Scales canal journey.  I could have spent all day there even though the volumes were mainly in French.  The store had many old volumes and was almost as much a museum as a book store.

We would be a passing the Ecluse de Cesse on our journey this is where the canal splits and heads for Narbonne and Port-La-Nouvelle and the Med, we would however continue eastwards to Beziers.  At Malpas we went over the second tunnel on the canal a grand affair but unfortunately not one that we could use with the bikes.
The approach to Beziers was blocked by canal lock works and improvements and meant we had to leave the canal and head around the town on the road and track down our rather well hidden and secluded  B N B.

We had an excellent view of the city from our room and after unpacking and washing headed out for some sightseeing and food.  
There was a footpath, which seemed to head in the correct direction, so we took that and Carol got her second puncture of the trip.  As we were headed for dinner we did not have panniers or spares. So we had an exhausting walk in the heat to the town square and food of course this meant we had to walk all the way back luckily the evening had cooled and the walk was quite pleasant. It had been a tiring day but the view of the cathedral bathed in lights was enough to delay us going to bed till we could capture the image.
Stats Distance 21.5 miles

Time2h. 46

Climb. 275 feet 


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