Beziers to Sete and the med

Our final full day of cycling and the penultimate day of our holiday.  After an excellent breakfast at Les Jardins du Rebaut we headed out to try and make our way through, round or over the construction works by the canal.

Once on the canal we got a pleasant surprise when the path showed some signs of improvement this continued for some time but soon returned to the hard packed soil we had become used to with some jungle type manoeuvres to get us through the foliage!

The Canal du Midi ends at the Etang de Thau so, although we were headed for Sete we took a small detour for a picture stop at the lighthouse.

Any rumours that there is money in the South of France was confirmed when we passed a boat park.

We headed back the way we had came and picked up the cycle way along the Plage du Lido. A wide promenade that stretched into the far distance with beach and the Med on the right hand side mile after mile with entrances numbered and site after site of holiday homes.

With the finish in site and after a hot day in the saddle we decided to treat ourselves to a final overpriced iced treat!!

  We were booked into another chain in Sete the Citotel Hotel Imperial.  We followed the prom and the cycle path which ran out just as we rounded a bend to see the hotel at the end  of the road.

We got booked  in and secured the cycles to drainpipes in the CCTV surveyed car park and headed for our room. After a rest we headed to the rooftop bar and restaurant for food and some drink.

After we had eaten we took a walk in the town heading towards the rail station so we would find it easier in the morning.


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