Sete to London-Trains, trains and more trains!

We awoke in darkness and that was after we had raised the shutters.  Today we were travelling more or less the length of France on 3 different trains and then catching the Eurostar to London.  This all meant an early start and the alarm went off at 5!  After negotiating the early morning traffic, roadworks and a pontoon style arrangement to cross to the station.


I wish I could say that our journey to Paris went without a hitch unfortunately I can’t.  The first train was late and this impacted on the rest of the journeys and meant that a small sight seeing window we had in Paris dissappeared.   The whole experience of French stations and French trains was not a happy one.

We arrived in Paris later than planned and with no time for any sightseeing set off across the city to book our bikes and bodies on the Eurostar.   In no time at all we were in London and asked at the eurodespatch office if we could pick our bikes up the next day. For the last leg of the journey home.  Getting an affirmative we. Said our thanks and set off for our hotel. It had been a long, hot and tiring day gratefully. We got booked in and hit the sack.

The next day we had one train to catch for home and that would be the end of our holiday.  It had been a great experience and we are already planning our next French Foray!!


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