Registration, free travel and the North Face.

Generally the day before a large marathon is pretty boring you head for the registration point in this case a large white tent in the centre of Interlaken, browse the sponsors stalls collecting as much freebies as you can and then go for food and get to bed and get ready for the race.

Not today!  I headed to Interlaken on the train finally getting to see what I missed in the dark last night and found the registration no problem. With my number collected and browsing duties carried out I headed back to the station to get the train to Kleine Scheidegg to take a look at the race finish.  Now so far things had been pretty picture skew but as the train travelled first up to Grindelwald where I changed trains for the onward journey to Kleine Scheidegg this view hove into sight.  Under clouds but easily recognisable.

Absolutely amazing.  After tearing my eyes away from it I followed the Jungfrau signs up to the finish line..

I will be seeing this only from the opposite direction tomorrow!

I made my way back to the station and this time a 1 train journey back to Lauterbrunnen for a quick cuppa and freshen up before heading back to Interlaken for the pre race pasta party.  A bit of a misnomer as it happens pasta yes not a lot but tasty along with an alcohol free drink which is as it should be.   But not a lot of partying to be had even the finishers from the mini marathon seemed subdued.  I ate my food chatted to a few folks at least as much as language barriers would permit and made my way back to the station for the 20 min train journey back to Lauterbrunnen and bed.


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