Trains, planes and automobiles.

Actually it’s automobiles, planes and trains but hey ho.  Heading to Switzerland for the Jungfrau.  Parking at Edinburgh NCP then flying Easyjet to Geneva and then train through to my hostel in Lauterbrunnen.  

So far so good except for rain of Floridian proportions on way to Edinburgh  and a wee glitch with Siri, asked for Smoke on the water and got Hey Jude-by the Chilli Pipers, everything has gone fine but I have yet to get near a plane.  Sitting people watching in the airport and waiting for gate to be announced.  It has easily been over a year since I was last at Edinburgh airport and it has changed out of all recognition.  Easy jet left on time and an uneventful flight saw me in Geneva at 16:40 local time just in time to grab some water and make my way to the station for the 17:03 to Bern.  The train arrd in Bern and we had a ten minute wait for the train to Interlaken Ost on a German Rail train.  Loads of space and very comfortable.  Trouble on the line meant that we had to get a bus from the penultimate station to ours and also meant we missed the connection but it was a warm starlit night so what wasn’t to like.  The journey from Geneva had been a pleasent one through vineyards, sunflowers and pastureland for the most part with industry around the rail stations.  

I was booked in at the Valley Hostel for four nights a family run hostel with mixed reviews but I met a couple on the train who had stayed there and said it was lovely and clean.  The hostel was only a few minutes walk from the station and was easy to find.  I booked in, was given my slippers, no shoes allowed, and shown to my room which was full.  After a quick supper I headed for bed.  This was the view I woke up to.


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