Post Jungfrau post.

A bit of a restless night and one of the disadvantages of being near the rail station is the noise when the first trains begin at about 0600.  My legs felt stiff when I woke up but surprisingly no m ore than they would feel normally.  I got out of bed and made my way downstairs to the toilet without the post marathon hobble!  After a shower I felt good as new and had a very light breakfast and set off to hire a bike for the day.

I hired a BMC 29er from Imboden bike just up the road from the hostel.  The staff at the shop gave me some suggestions for rides and provided me with a map.  Off I went.

I headed out to the Schilthorn cable car station and took the cable car up to Gimmewald a very short journey which took me up about 400 m.

Leaving Gimmelwald I headed for Murren and found a sandwich and a coke with my name on it.  The day was heating up and with the climbing involved there wasn’t much chance of cooling down.  All the trails are well marked with timings given for walking between villages.  Leaving Murren I headed for Wintereggand then Grutschalp.  The trails up until then had been quite good but things began to get a bit more technical between Grutschalp and the turn off for Sulwald.  I reached the turn off and headed up the 2.7k climb to Sulwald basically so I could come down it again!and what a descent it was all the way back to Lauterbrunnen via Isenfluh and fly I did.

After arriving back at Lauterbrunnen I headed for the campsite shop to get some food for the evening.  Unfortunately it was not open and  didn’t. open for 15 mins just enough time for a beer.


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