Monthly Archives: July 2018

Quebec training week 9.

With two days spent on an island tour and a third helping at a Big bike revival event there just did not seem to be enough days in the week!

However I made my target and completed my core runs.

Run totals:26 miles with 1400 feet of climb.  This included 10 x 800 ints and a long run of 10,5

Bike: 61 miles with 3600 feet of climbing.

First week in some time that I have not managed to any yoga or ilates classes.  Stretching at home is fine but just not the same.


Quebec training week 8

Two busy weeks ahead of me starting this week.  I knew I had to get the training in as well as my cross training activities.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday I was guiding bike rides and there was no time at all to fit runs in with route and kit prep to be done as well.

However I did manage to reach my mileage target:  19.28miles with 1130 feet of climbing.  A very good interval session with 7 x 800m.

Bike total was well up as I guided tours on Fri Sat and Sunday:95 miles with 5300 feet of climbing.

I managed 2 yoga and 1 core session.


Quebec training week 7.

Another hot week though not as relentless as the last few.  I am really loving this weather.  Early runs are the key then a nice relaxing time for the rest of the day!!

Another good week of running and cross training done.  Weight continues to drop off just 1 or 2 pounds a week but this happening without any real effort on my part and it is staying off!

Running :26 miles with almost 1800 feet of climb.

Biking : 84 miles with 3900 feet of climbing.

A good week, Intervals were 800’s again 5 of them this time, really liking this aspect of my running.  Intervals were never a favourite of mine but it looks like this might change.  Long run this week 15 miles although I had planned to leave early I did not get out quite as early as planned!20180701_124833

One of my bike rides was piloting for Talking Tandems a charity I am involved with and was a very enjoyable day even with mechanical problems on the tandem!

I also attended two yoga and one core class.

Quebec training week 6

The heat continues in Bella Scotia.  If anyone is any doubt that #scotlandisnow they just need to be here.  The beaches are amazing, the wildlife is out and the mood is one of intense optimism.  Just like my training at the moment.

There are comments appearing on FB running pages about the heat and how it is hampering training I have news for you there is always a way.  I hate running in the heat but you do everything possible to make it comfortable and safe.

Run when its cooler this may not always be at the beginning or end of the day there might be a cool patch at some other time.  Stay hydrated.  Carry water with you, 0r cash to buy some.  Run in loops sp you can rehydrate when required.

Embrace the heat!!!

Anyway how did this weeks training go?  Really good as it happens.  More running miles than planned more cross training than planned and more weight lost!

Total miles run was 23.6 miles with 1100 feet of climbing.  My intervals have increased from 400’s to 800’s and the long run is 12.5 miles.

Biking 120 miles with 6000 ft of climb.

1 core class and 3 yoga classes.

Quebec training week 5

It has been unusually hot in Scotland this past week and I do not do well in the heat.  However a good week of training was done and a fair bit of relaxing in the sun!

Run: 19 miles with 1125 feet of climbing this included a park run of 23:07 1:14 quicker than 1 month ago.  I was well pleased with that time.  It is the second best run at my home park run.

Bike: 60 miles with 3500 feet of climbing.

I did 2 yoga classes and 1 pilates class.  Core and resistance have been missing from my training for a short while due to shoulder pain but I have a had a steroid injection and am going to try a core class and some light resistance work next week.