Monthly Archives: August 2018

Quebec training week 13

Unlucky 13 or just disorganised?  Not a good week still managed the most important sessions of the week and that’s what matters.  I am feeling lighter o my feet and running faster is becoming easier.

Running miles 15 with 600 feet of climbing.

Bike 29 miles and 1500 feet climbing.

Cross training completed 2 yoga, 2 core, 1 pilates and 1 weights session.


Quebec training week 12

This far into a training schedule some runners experience burnout, injuries or are just plain fed up.  How do you avoid it I hear you cry.  Simple.  Mix it up variety in your training but maintain consistency.

In a week I practice not only the sport of running but also yoga, two different types, pilates, resistance training  and cycling , up to three different disciplines.  All aimed at keeping me fit, getting me race ready and maintain my drive.


This weeks stats:

Run 30 miles with 1800 feet of climbing

Bike 38 miles with 1500 feet of climb.

I also did two weights sessions, 1 core session, 1 yoga and 1 pilates class

Quebec training week 11

Really on the countdown down, 9 weeks left till Q day!!!  With the PB at park run still fresh in my legs and 2 days taken up with appointments it was just as well this was earmarked as an easy week.  It was also the week I started with regular massage.  I shall get one every 2 weeks between now and departure.  I find them really helpful and just one of the tools in the “injury prevention” box!

Run training 15 miles with 1200 feet of climbing

Bike stats 36 miles with 2000ft of climb.

Other activities were 1 yoga class 1 core session and 1 weights session.


Quebec training week 10

A great week of training culminating in a Kirkcaldy park run PB of 22:29!


As he running has picked up cross training sessions dropped this weeksomething I am determined to remedy over the next few weeks.

Totals for week 10 were:

Running 30 miles with 2000ft of climbing.

Biking 33 miles with 1500ft of climbing.

Two yoga sessions.