Monthly Archives: September 2018

Quebec training week 17

The second week of enforced rest due to a shoulder injury went quiet well.  I managed to get all my running miles in and some biking.  The rest seems to have worked with no pain at all during the last 10 days.  I go back to the doctors on Monday for the result of the xray hopefully there won’t be anything to worry about.


Running: 24 mles with 2000 feet of climbing.

Biking:40 miles with 1600 feet of climb.

No cross training other than that done at home.

Quebec training week 16.

Not a great week.  My shoulder had got worse from my bike crash a few weeks ago so in the end I decided to go to the doctors.  I was given painkillers, sent for an x-ray and told no yoga or pilates for 2 weeks.  I was to avoid anything that will irritate my shoulder.

Running miles 27 with 1700 feet of climb.

Biking miles 31 with 1800 feet of climb.

Heeding the doctors advice, apart from stuff at home, I did no classes or weight sessions.

Quebec training week 15.

Not a great week, training hampered by the shoulder injury I sustained at the Muckathalon.  Most disappointing was my failure to complete the scheduled long run for the week.  I completed 10 and not the 15 in the plan.  However I did get a wee bonus when I placed first in 60-64 age group for the park run.  Not a great time but you have to be in it to win it.  I have also been unable to do any cross training as supporting any weight on my shoulder results in pain!


Running miles for the week 22 wth 1500 feet of climbing.

Bike 13 miles and 1000 ft of climb.

Quebec training week 14

A very satisfying week culminating in an off road duathlon.

An easy week but I still got my Monday interval session in.  Apart from the race this was the most important session of the week.

Running miles 19 inc 2 x 2.8 miles in the duathlon (23:18 and 25:26 with 230 feet each time) Total climb 800 feet.

Biking 66miles inc 11 miles and 1500 feet in the duathlon total climb 4000.


Xtrg 2 yoga sessions 1 core, 1 weights and 1 massage.