A-Z R marathon.

Having travelled to France and Canada for my P and Q marathon R was much closer to home.

Made famous by a certain Mr Pursey and the boys of Sham 69 I alighted at Hersham station.20181117_152610

My R marathon was organised by Phoenix Running and ran along the River Thames from Walton on Thames to Hampton Court Palace hence the name Riverside Marathon.

No runners expo or pacers here, this is a local marathon with a limit of 150 entrants.  I have never seen as many 100 marathon club vests at a single event.  Indeed two runners were presented with their 100 marathon vest when they crossed the line.

Registration was at the Excel sports centre at 0800, a briefing by Rik Vercoe at 0845 was followed by a walk to the start for the off at at 0900.20181118_084608

The start of the race was at Sunbury Lock you then followed the path for approx. 3.5 miles to Molesey Lock.


At Molesey there was a turnaround cone, toilets and a feed station stocking water, juice, jelly babies, sherbet flying saucers and a host of other goodies.  You then headed back to Sunbury 100 yards or so past the start you turned around and headed back to Molesey.  The feed station here was packed with even more goodies!!  You did this a total of 3 times and on the fourth you never went as far as the turnaround point.20181118_133129

The path was in great condition and was a mix of packed dirt and tarmac.  It was not closed for the marathon and was quite busy with other runners, walkers and cyclists everyone respecting each others space!

This was a well organised race and after looking at their up and coming events I found they have an X marathon which will fit in nicely with the rest of my plans!IMG_20181118_145923_531Official time 4:15:17



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