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Book review:Life Cycle

Written by Gary Sutherland I don’t think there was a page where I didn’t laugh, grin or reminisce!

This is a tale of two brothers now in their forties that decided to cycle a 1000 miles around Scotland.   Full of sibling rivalry, arguments and jokes it was a pleasant and easy read.  Unlike other cycle journey titles there is no record of miles travelled, feet climbed or calories consumed.  The closest the brothers come to energy gels are a daily dose of bananas rehydrating frequently with a real ale.  They also rediscovered a boyhood favourite-butteries!

A great wee read currently retailing at £2.99!


Party time, easy week and unexpected run.

This week was all about the housewarming party.  I have been in my flat for over 3 months now and at last felt that it was as good as as I was going to get it so I decided to have a housewarming.

The summerhouse arrd Friday and after a Mr Angry telephone call to the firm and a revisit from the joiners I was pretty happy with it.  I was planning on having a Jumbo Jenga and Connect 4 tournament and they were to be held in the summer house so to say I was relieved it arrd is an understatement!  I spent friday evening composing a playlist from my eclectic music collection to be played as background music on my bluetooth speaker.

I collected the food from M & S on Sat morning and got the food and drink set up in the second bedroom, which after the party will be my training room.

Guests started arriving dead on 2 and there was a steady exchange of bodies as others came and some went away.  I had prepared a couple of post event smoothies as two of them were coming from a sportive to the party.

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Jenga and Connect 4

Jenga and Connect 4

The summerhouse

The weather held up and we spent all day playing, drinking and eating in the sun, once it cooled and got dark the chimnea was lit and those of us left gathered around and got a heat from the jet like flames!

Most of sunday was spent helping Carol move her son back up to Dundee to Uni.  When we got back to Leven we managed to get out for a run together.

Trg for the week 2 yoga classes 2 resistance sessions, 2 runs and 1 cycle.

Back to work………….to retire

Diary:Thurs 8th May an early rise, breakfast and headed to Mossmorran for my last full day of employment.  Seems strange and changes have happened in the month that I have been off.  New carpet laid, some new starts and my replacement has been sick since I left to go on my extended vacation!  No training today.

Friday 9th my final day at work.  I bought some sticky buns and put out a mail to let everyone know I was in, but not for long, and to nip in and see me.  Called to a meeting to find a huge chocolate cake waiting!  A well attended presentation at 11:45 and a quick cobbled together speech was my final duty as an employee of Big Oil.

Trg:Damn you Strava.  Was planning to do an easy 6 mile run but checked Strava and noticed that I had been pushed off CR spot on a nearby short running segment! So I set off to get it back and did!.  3.9 miles in 34:12 av pace of 8:43 ahr 133 46 secs up on the CR.

Diary Sat 10th Busy day today.  Haircut and shave at Turkish barbers ready for my retirement dinner.  Got a call from one of the guests to say that he cant make it.  Went to Carols to get changed and help her into her outfit.  She looked amazing unfortunately I don’t have any pics.  The dinner was at The Grange Inn near St Andrews and was very good.  I got another gift from some of the guests a cask strength bottle of single malt Arran whisky!

Trg:Bike run brick with members of the GTC.  Led a bike around the new duathlon course then took them through some hill reps.

Diary Sun 11th.  Lazy day with Carol.  Long lie and a wee walk along the coastal path.  Caught up with blog while having a beer.  

Home ownership, training and a reunion!

Monday 21st:A busy week one in which I finally bought a property. I was getting a bit antsy and had started revisiting properties I had seen before. I put an offer in on one of them which was accepted so fingers crossed I will pick the keys up on the 19th May!
Bike 26.8 miles 1:57:23 av spd 13.7 ahr 125 av cad 74. Nice easy ride easterly wind. Easy run 5.01 48:06 av pace 9:36 ahr 131 trail run. Finished the day off with a yoga session.

Tuesday 22nd:Hill reps 3.27 35:03 av pace 10:43 ahr 121 max 183 only 3 hill reps. Where does the day go??

Weds 23rd: A nice easy ride along the Fife Coastal Path with Muff to Elie a stop for some lunch then out to a farm shop and back to Leven. 21.83 miles 3:42:28. Easterly wind which held us up on way out but didn’t seem to help on way back! Once more finished the day with a yoga session

Thurs 24th:Muffs mum (Toni) collapsed at home she was disoriented for a day and required looking after. I tried to be as much help as I could. In between stints visiting I managed to get packed for the weekend and fit a run in I took a route via Toni’s house and dropped some stuff off to Muff then ran around the area of the flat I have bought. 5.00 48:18 av pace 9:39 ahr 127.

Fri 25th:Off to Sunderland today to visit an old friend, Keith and his wife Chris. I travelled by train and arrived in Newcastle just before lunch. I was to meet Keith at 3pm so took the chance to have a look around Newcastle city centre, before heading to Sunderland on the Metro. Keith picked me up and after a swift cuppa and a wash we headed out to a pub for tea. When we returned Chris made the very wise decision to head for bed and leave us to our reminiscing.

Sat 26th:Headed to an attraction called Eden camp which is an ex POW camp in Yorkshire. Great exhibits and a full day out. Once back in Sunderland Keith and I headed out to a local pub to see a Glam rock band! It meant another late night but was worth it!

Bid in and plan B

Thurs 10th:Got the results of the survey for damp in flat 2.2 k repairs reqd. Contacted lawyer and put bid in. Closing date weds, sitting with fingers crossed but looking at 2 I have seen previously as a back up plan getting twitchy now I want a house! Trg for today was a 7 mile run with an old friend. He has run in the past but put a few lbs on! We met at Beveridge park and ran along the coastal path. 11.16 miles 1:48:07 av pace 9:41. Great day to be out running. Wee T stop at Kinghorn. Evening out to the local Wetherspoons with Muff for the ale festival.
Fri 11th:Short easy recovery run today with a detour to have a nosey at a flat. 3 miles 28:58 av pace 9:38 ahr 141 which seems high for that run. Garmin FR 305 has been acting up. New bike mount for iPhone arrd today
Sat 12th:Bike ride along Coast road to BIsland then home over ATool road. 20.82 miles in 1:45:34 av 11.8 mph with Gordon Dixon from GTC. Put new case on the Ridley it’s bulky but does the job. Only downside I can’t use ant+ devices. Sat evening Carnegie theatre with Muff for That’s Fife.
Sun 13th: long lie then out on coastal path to meet up with Artist Peter Howson on his walk for autism. Saw him as he motored past! Wee snack in the Harbourmasters cafe then back to house. Last Trg session of the week was a tempo session. 4.25 miles in 38:13 av 8:59 tempo pace 7:12.
Spoke to Keith about my impending visit to Sunderland.
That’s week 2 of my pre retirement vacation over and it feels like I’m on a training camp!