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Winter base+Week 20

One week to go to Stirling, the reason I devised Base+.  What has the experience been like?  Good, eye opening and worthwhile.  I am still learning things about the way my body reacts to training how to tackle rest and recovery and how to pace my sessions.  The 5 week mesocycle seems to suit me with PB’s on the bike and run to prove it of course it is all about getting a PB at Stirling for that we will have to wait a week and hopefully I shall be sitting here next week telling you I made it.



Bike 100 miles in 9h 25 with 4320 ft of climbing.

Run 16.2 miles in 2h 44m with 986 ft of climbing.


Winter base+ Week 9

Almost half way through the plan for Stirling Duathlon and the time has flown in possibly not helped by the fact that the festive season was right in the middle!

As anticipated the run hell week was rather luke warm but I managed to get a few good sessions in without any mishaps.

Bike totals were: 68 miles in just under 5 hours with 2100 ft of climb.  I threw in a couple of effort sessions as my running was not going well.

Run totals :23 mles in just under 4 hours with 2300 ft of climb.  This inc one interval session and one fartlek session way short of what I wanted but foot is still twinging.

Week 5 in every cycle is test week so all sessions are easy except for the two test sessions which are done at max so the foot will get another chance at a rest.

Winter base+week 8

Entering the “social danger” period now with Xmas and New year traditionally a time to eat, drink and be merry!  With that in mind I set myself a target that I thought was high but that I would be happy with getting 75% of the figure in. Just the way my mind works if I had put the figure I actually wanted I would have ended well short of my target for the week.  I had nursed my sore foot along for another week and did see some improvement which is just as well as next week is meant to be run hell I might just adapt and make it “run very hot but not quite hell week” see how the runs go.

I did have a few late nights and a substantially increased amount of calories having said that I did manage the following totals:

Bike: 112 miles in 6h 57 mins (target was 9) with 1695 feet of climbing.

Run 17 miles in 3:01 (1 min over target) with 1216 feet of climbing and 4 runs.

I was happy with both these totals especially 2 of the sessions I put in on the turbo.